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Graduate Degree Programs

Master of Science in Computer Science (MS CS

Careers in computing are projected to be among the fastest growing professions through 2012. Because computer technology is embedded in so many products, services, and systems, computer scientists are needed in almost every industry. New opportunities develop rapidly as each change or improvement in technology engenders new areas of specialization.

Master of Science in Computer Science (Online)

The New Jersey Institute of Technology’s online Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS) is an advanced degree designed to develop and prepare the next generation of computer scientists with the practical knowledge and technical skills they’ll need to become innovators and leaders who can thrive on the cutting edge of technology and computing.

Master of Science in Bioinformatics (MS BNFO)

The Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics was designed to address the growing need for professionals with an educational background that blends biology with computer science. This combination of skills is needed both in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and in biomedical research. This master’s program is designed to provide bioinformatics skills for those with a background in either biology or computer science.

Master of Science in Computing and Business (MS CBUS)

Technology and science are dramatically changing our economy and our society. This is creating new business opportunities and needs, with an increasing push for computing employees to be more involved in business aspects of a company.

Master of Science in Software Engineering (MS SE)

The objective of the MS in Software Engineering is to teach students concepts, techniques and skills that are required to develop and build large modern software systems.

Master of Science in Cyber Security and Privacy (MS CSP)

The objective of the MS in Cyber Security and Privacy program is to create a strong foundation and detailed technical knowledge in security, privacy, and cryptography applied to computer systems, networks, and web applications.

PhD in Computer Science