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BS in Computing and Business

BS in Computing and BusinessTechnology and science are dramatically changing our economy and our society.  This is creating new business opportunities and needs, with an increasing push for computing employees to be more involved in business aspects of a company.  Computing employees must have a solid understanding of business fundamentals to succeed.  Specifically design to address this issues, the BS in Computing and Business degree is primarily for people who want to develop, use, and manage software applications and systems in a business environment.  The US Bureau of Labor Statistics points to very strong need for managers with technical skills well into the next decade.

What Opportunities for Employment are There?

NJIT graduates with a BS in Computing and Business will have a unique combination of business and computing knowledge that will open doors to numerous computing jobs in consulting, telecommunications, insurance, finance, marketing, and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as many other areas. Moreover, the New York metropolitan area has numerous high-tech firms, and the Computing and Business degree at NJIT is particularly well suited for those wanting to purse a career in this exciting industry. In general, graduates will be able to find jobs, for example, designing and developing software, designing databases, installing and running applications, ensuring security by setting up and maintaining firewalls, protecting and managing networks, running computer systems, enhancing financial systems, developing and maintaining websites and e-commerce systems, and providing computing support for business functions such as trading and financial analysis. In addition, the solid training in business fundamentals from the Computing and Business degree will enable graduates to excel in the business world and move up the corporate ladder.


First Year - Semester 1

·Acct 115 Principles of Accounting I
·CS 113 Computer Science I
·HUM 101 English I
·Math III Calculus I
·Natural Science w/lab
·Freshman Connections

First Year - Semester 2
·Acct 116 Principles of Accounting II
·SS 201 General Economics
·CS 114 Computer Science II
·Math 112 Calculus II
·Natural Science w/lab
·Physical Education

Second Year-Semester 1 ·Elective
·Math 333 Probability and Statistics
·Elective: SS
·HUM 102 English II
·CS 280 Programming Language Concepts
·Physical Education

Second Year - Semester 2
·ENG 340 Oral Prensentation OR ENG 352 Presentation
·CS 288 Intensive Programming Practicum
·Mgmt 216 Business Statistics
·HUM 211 or HUM 212 or HIST 213
·CS 241 Foundations of Computer Science I

Third Year - Semester 1
·FIN 315 Principles of Finance
·IS 350 Computers Society and Ethics
·HRM 301 Organizational Behavior
·CS 332 Operating Systems
·Mrkt 330 Principles of Marketing
·OM 375 Management Science
Third Year - Semester 2  
·IS 344 Computer Applications in Business
·CS 356 networking course
·IS 433 E Commerce
·CS 431 Database Design, Mgmt, and Applications

Fourth Year - Semester 1 ·Mgmt 491 International Business
·Humanities Elective Phil/Hist/Lit/STS
·CS 357 Fundamentals of Network Security
·Free Elective
·CS 490 Software Engineering
Fourth Year - Semester 2
·CS 435 Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms
·CS 491 Senior Capstone Project
·HSS Capstone Seminar
·Fin 401 Securities in Financial Markets
·Free Elective

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