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Senior Capstone Program

Put your learning to the test, gain valuable experience and make a difference for a business or organization through the senior capstone program required of all CCS students.  This semester-long class is a chance to draw on your years of learning at NJIT and apply it to an authentic need presented by one of NJIT's many industry partners.  Through the capstone's entrepreneurship track, you can even start your won business. The more than 200 industry sponsors have included Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, PSE&G Inc., NASA and the National Science Foundation.  Then it's up to the teams--four to six students not only from CCS, but also from other majors throughout NJIT--to design and implement a solution.  At the same time, you'll learn skills in problem solving, project management, leadership, team dynamics, presentation and communication.

Recent Examples:

Turnkey Properties
Students develop an e-business solution--a scalable, automated, database-driven online presence--to help Turnkey's e-vacation rental referral business grow to become a nationwide provider.  Using open source software, students created a website that collects user and payment information and notifies the users when there's been a new transaction and updates a calendar.

CIT Group
The student team designed a complex database system for this commercial and consumer finance company to help managers store, trace and access financial data to comply with rigorous auditing rules required under a new federal law.  In a addition to gaining the experience of applying their knowledge to a real situation, they saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.

ICG, Inc.
Students designed a secure evidence management system for this firm that investigates Internet crimes, digital piracy and other crimes.  The system digitally documents the processes used by computer forensic investigators, producing reports that investigators present in court during trials.  ICG ended up hiring one of the members of the student team.

For more information, contact:

Osama Eljabiri
Senior University Lecturer
Phone: 973-642-7123