Living the Dream: Apple Hires NJIT Senior Jasper Davey

Written by: Shydale James,
Jasper Davey’s involvement in HackNJIT primed him for an internship and software engineer position at Apple.
Jasper Davey secured a full-time position with Apple after a successful internship working on the tech juggernaut’s storage software team.


Jasper Davey ’17 took his very first computer science class as an elective—and it was love at first megabyte.

“I sat down in front of a computer and everything just flowed out from me,” recalls the Toronto native who grew up in Bloomfield, N.J. “It was very natural. That’s when I knew it was my choice.”

Davey says he transferred to NJIT because he wanted to challenge himself. “NJIT felt like the proper place for me to learn everything I needed to know about computer science.”

Although he immersed himself in computer architecture, computation theory and programing courses at Ying Wu College of Computing, which certainly expanded the perimeter of his expertise, it was Davey’s involvement in HackNJIT that primed him for an internship and subsequent software engineer position at Apple, working on file systems.

“When I’m working on a project in a hackathon, the core algorithms and data structures need to be analyzed before they’re implemented,” explains Davey. “I’ve been able to transfer those skills professionally over to Apple, where the work that you’re doing is going to be distributed to millions and millions of people.”

On the verge of graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, the soon-to-be-NJIT-alum offers a compendium of his warmest college memories, post-graduation plans and the inside scoop on how he landed the job of a lifetime.

"I'm looking forward to relocating. I love the weather in California," says Davey, who starts a new job at Apple in the fall.

DAVEY’S FONDEST MEMORY AS A HIGHLANDER is taking part in HackNJIT. “I got to learn many things from the mentors and the people I worked with.”

WHAT HE’S GOING TO MISS MOST ABOUT NJIT is “the community, the people, the friends I made while I was here.”

THE FIRST THING HE’S GOING TO DO AFTER GRADUATION is rack up some frequent flier miles. “I’m going to Europe for a bit and then to Asia to kind of explore myself and explore the surroundings to [broaden] my horizons.”

DAVEY’S AWARD-WINNING PROJECT Chrono Emergency is an Apple Watch app that allows the disabled to communicate with others in case of an emergency. “The watch could actually track how fast you fell, and from that we could deduce that the person was in some sort of accident.” The app won Best Use of AWS at HackPrinceton Spring 2016.

HE BLINDLY SENT OUT HIS RESUME TO APPLE. “I didn’t think I would hear back. A couple of months later, I got a phone call from a recruiter. Three different teams wanted to interview me. The first interview was horrible, but I wasn’t a good fit for that team. The second team I spoke to…we instantly hit it off.”

DURING HIS INTERNSHIP, Davey contributed to the Apple File System project, developing and maintaining embedded storage tools for iOS and creating test plans for development validation. “It’s important that we keep up to date with finding bugs and developing new methods to save your data.”

THE WORK CULTURE AT APPLE won him over. “They look at you as an individual and your contributions are significant. Everything that you get to do at Apple, you see implemented in the real world. And even as an intern, I was able to successfully deploy projects. It was a testament to how much I felt valued by the company.”

HE’S EAGER TO MAKE MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTIONS. “I feel like when you can reach millions of people, you really do have a way of expressing Apple and yourself as well. And I’m really looking forward to being given that opportunity again.”