Gerard W. Ryan

Ryan, Gerard W.
Senior University Lecturer, Computer Science
4303 GITC
Gerard Ryan has taught at NJIT since 2012. Prior to joining the University, he worked in several places including AT&T Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, Avaya Labs Research, and Motorola Mobility. His professional experience spans software development, system architecture, systems test, project management, and product management. He worked on several data switching products, the AT&T WorldNet service, experimental ATM switches, IP telephony systems, secure messaging products, and several 4G LTE Android cellular phones.

I teach several courses in our programming sequence: CS100, CS114, CS280 and CS602.

I also teach CS683 and CS685.

My current schedule and courses are available at

I am affiliated with the Cryptography Center at NJIT. I am interested in secure publish-subscribe systems, key management systems, and language tools for implementing cryptography.

I am a contributor to the Palisade open source cryptography library.