Osama Eljabiri

Eljabiri, Osama
Senior University Lecturer / Capstone Program Dir, Computer and Information Science
GITC 4210
About Me

Osama Eljabiri is a full-time faculty at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Dr. Eljabiri started teaching software engineering courses at NJIT since 1999.

  • He received his PhD in Information Systems in 2013 from NJIT, an M.S. in Information Systems in 2001 from NJIT, and an M.S. in Banking and Financial Sciences in 1999 from the Arab Academy for Banking and Financial Sciences in Jordan, ranking first with distinction.

  • Dr. Eljabiri is a Senior University Lecturer who has been teaching numerous courses for Computer Science, Information Systems and Information Technology departments at NJIT. He has been teaching, developing, advising and/or coordinating more than 16 software engineering, project management, research-oriented, project-based and introduction to technology undergraduate and graduate courses in the College Of Computing Sciences and under the sponsorship of the Provost Office at NJIT. He has also offered numerous courses to industry employees and communities across several companies through the partnership with the CPE program at NJIT.

  • Dr. Eljabiri teaches and directs the senior project capstone courses for CS, IS and IT students in which he manages relationships with numerous industry customers from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses to public sector and research institutions, facilitates IT-driven real world business experiences for hundreds of students and assists students in the entrepreneurial track to transform their innovative ideas into actual business .

  • Dr. Eljabiri is the founder and director of the Real World Connections Program (RWC) at NJIT for middle school and high school students, a program that offers numerous real world project-based opportunities and experiences with strong involvement of university students, industry executives and community leaders. The program has engaged, inspired and empowered thousands of middle school and high school students across the state of New Jersey and the tri-state area over the past nine years.

  • Prior to joining NJIT, Dr. Eljabiri held various executive management positions at a multinational corporation where he led numerous business and IT-driven projects, business processes, industrial automation, ISO and BPR quality assurance, and software development projects. His managerial experience has exposed him to real-world business problems and solution strategies that he brings into the classroom.

  • Dr. Eljabiri received a national award from Carnegie Foundation in Washington DC. in 2007 as New Jersey Professor of the year with a permanent congressional record. He also received NJIT-wide Excellence in Service award by the board of overseers in 2007, NJIT’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2001 and the College of Computing Sciences’ Excellence in Teaching Award in 2003.

  • Dr .Eljabiri is the co-author of a new book titled Strategic Software Engineering – An interdisciplinary approach and a book chapter in the Computer Science and Engineering Handbook.

  • Dr. Eljabiri published a number of refereed papers in several conferences and journals as listed below.

  • Dr. Eljabiri’s research courses, in which he teaches students how to carry out empirical research in software engineering using statistical analysis through filed studies, resulted in numerous research papers and success stories of undergraduate students having their research work published and presented in international conferences and journals.

  • He was selected and listed in International Who´s Who historical society of professionals based on exemplary achievement and distinguished contributions to the business community. He was also selected and listed in Who’s Who in America.

  • Dr. Eljabiri is a member of Association for Information Systems, The American Association for University Professors., ACM , IEEE and New Jersey Institute of Technology Sigma Chapter Of Alpha Epsilon Lambda (AEL) .

  • His research interests include empirical and object-oriented software engineering, software architecture, interdisciplinary problem solving, requirements engineering, software economics, business process reengineering, project management, data mining and web engineering.

Selected Journals
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Book Chapters
  • 2.2- F.P. Deek, J. McHugh and O. Eljabiri , Strategic Software Engineering – An Interdisciplinary Approach, in print with Taylor & Francis Group - Auerbach Publications, (365 pages), 2005.
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