Fast Track To Computing

Toward an MS Degree in Computing for STEM graduates

The Department of Computer Science is offering a novel and exclusive bridge program called Fast Track to Computing to allow non-computing STEM graduates to enroll in a master’s degree in the following computing programs:

Master of Science in Computer Science
Master of Science in Data Science
Master of Science in Cyber Security & Privacy
Master of Science in Software Engineering
Master of Science in Computing and Business
Master of Science in Bioinformatics

The bridge program is carefully designed to provide the STEM graduate with the necessary background required for embarking on the master’s degrees offered by the Department of Computer Science. It comprises four (one-semester) courses:

CS 280 - Programming Language Concepts
CS 332 - Principles of Operating Systems
CS 505  -Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms
CS 506 - Foundations of Computer Science.

Ideally, all bridge courses must be completed successfully before continuing to the desired MS program, but may also be taken in parallel to the MS courses under special circumstances. A short description of the courses can be found here. Each bridge course is equivalent to 3 credits. The credits earned for CS 506 may count toward the credits required for the MS degree. Depending on the background of the student and on previous courses taken, some of the bridge courses may be waived. The student may test out of a bridge course without participating in the course.

The bridge courses are normally offered every fall and spring semester, as well as in the summer session. Students are required to pass all the bridge courses they are assigned with a grade B or higher.