Welcome from the Chairperson

Dear students and visitors,

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science in the Ying Wu College of Computing at NJIT. I invite you to check our graduate and undergraduate programs. Computing is rapidly evolving and is integrated into every phase of business, science, engineering, medicine, and everyday life. Our department serves the needs of the private and public sectors for highly qualified computing professionals with a high-quality computer science education that enables our graduates to make big strides in their careers. We prepare our graduates with theoretical foundations and practical knowledge in computer science to make them effective in both short term and long term; with the ability to be productive on the first day on the job, and the ability to adapt to the ever-evolving technologies and requirements.

Please visit our faculty and research web pages. Our faculty and students perform research that is recognized worldwide in a large spectrum of areas such as cybersecurity, big data, machine learning, mobile computing and sensing, cloud computing, medical informatics, bioinformatics, combinatorial optimization, and computer vision. The overarching goal of our research is to produce results that will transition into products and services to improve the life of billions of people.

Baruch M. Schieber
Chair, Computer Science Department