Master of Science in Cyber Security and Privacy (MS CSP)

MS Cyber Security and Privacy

The MS in Cyber Security and Privacy (CSP) creates a strong foundation and detailed technical knowledge in security, privacy, and cryptography applied to computer systems, networks, and web applications. Graduates will have broad expertise in all these areas, with an option to cover not only technical but also legal, policy, and ethical aspects of security and privacy. In addition to in-depth knowledge of security mechanisms, standards, and state-of-the-art capabilities, they will also be able to design new systems and infrastructure-level security solutions.

The MS CSP produces experts who analyze new and existing security threats and devise solutions against them. Graduates of the program use in-depth knowledge of network-based and system-level attacks and appropriate countermeasures to ensure that the software and the infrastructure is designed and implemented with the best security practices in mind. This requires the ability to perform sophisticated security design review, coupled with the ability to investigate security breaches and perform forensic analysis. It also requires the ability to design, develop, and maintain new tools and technologies to enhance the security of applications and infrastructure. The design, development, and operation of advanced security techniques and advanced cryptographic systems require both a deep understanding of theoretical security concepts and detailed knowledge of security practices. Moreover, graduates of the program will be able to conduct research on existing and emerging security threats and on the interplay between security and other computing disciplines.

Detailed curriculum and requirements for the MS in Cyber Security and Privacy are available in the catalog at this link.

MS Cyber Security and Privacy - Cyber Defense Option

The objective of the MS Cyber Security and Privacy (CSP) – Cyber Defense Option is to create leaders with strong communication and management skills in addition to the strong technical knowledge in security and privacy of computer systems, networks and web applications. This option is designed for working professionals or students who already have acquired some professional experience.

The MS CSP – Cyber Defense Option is a 36 credits degree program, while the regular MS CSP is a 30 credits program.  The additional 6 credits in the new option are from the area of Professional and Technical Communications (PTC).  The core courses of MS CSP and MS CSP – Cyber Defense Option are identical.  While for the MS CSP students may choose to take two management courses which are part of the list of electives, students in the MS CSP – Cyber Defense Option have to take two management-related courses picking from a list of eight such courses.  The MS CSP – Cyber Defense Option does not afford students the opportunity to do a thesis, but they can do a Master’s Project.

Detailed curriculum and requirements for the M.S. in Cyber Security and Privacy - Cyber Defense Option are available at this link.

The online application for admission will be available soon at this link.